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Bare Basics for a Successful Hen Party Life Drawing Class

Most parties enjoy sitting in close proximity to observe what other people are drawing, share tips and banter amongst the group. Part of the fun is seeing what masterpieces other people have drawn after all! Living rooms, conservatories and function rooms work well for hen party life drawing sessions. Even outdoor garden settings have proven very successful for a hen party atmosphere. Ideally the room should have a big open wall or surface to showcase and critique work in front of the hen group during intervals and spacious enough to accommodate seating arrangements for a hen party.

For life drawing models the light should be simple with a single dominant light source to create a clear distinction between light and shadow patterns. Ambient light tends to be flat and multiple light sources tend to create overly complex shadow patterns... Overhead fluorescent lights are usually undesirable for life drawing.

Depending on the party, the life model may sometimes have a vast array of props available on big locations such as stately homes. Model stands (dais), pedestals, poles, boxes, ropes, drapes, cushions, parasols and backdrops can all help add drama to specific poses. Having a prop or two to lean on for longer poses can also help the life model.

A sound system with light background music and playlists or radio to suit the mood, ages and tastes of the group works well during a hen party life drawing class atmosphere.

Chairs for each participant and/ or large sofas/ chaise lounge to share so hens can observe each other's work and banter can work well. Otherwise from experience, on rare instances where seating is restricted many hens have been quite happy to perch wherever there's space!