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The hen party life model experience

Origin of the hen party life model
It's only recently the hen party industry has recognized and appreciated the male life model as a valuable source of light entertainment for female only hen parties. Popularity for the male life model soared about 10 years ago when social media on the internet took off, allowing people to share and connect ideas for new hen party themes and quickly invite guests to events via Facebook. Women wanted a toned down tasteful alternative to the wild male stripper hen night ritual, especially while in the watchful company of parents, grandparents and Mother in laws at more formal hen parties. Drawing a hunky male hen party life model was soon born as a sophisticated yet cheeky way to celebrate and bond the group. Traditional life modelling in the art world traces back hundreds of years to the renaissance period with the likes of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci drawing nude models and semi draped figures, and continues to this day to be a compulsory part of the curriculum in universities that tutor arts. Life models who pose nude for life drawing classes are also called figure models.

Interact Events Life Model Experience
Interact events offers in depth hen party life model experience with a knowledgeable background in art and design. We live and breathe modelling, art and design, adding flair as we bring them all together at our experiences. We also have experience working with artistic projects in TV, film and performance art.

The body is a temple...and living sculpture for a male life model
Excelling as a hen party life model involves staying in peak physical condition. Staying in shape as a model requires a high level of discipline, organization and consistency. It takes about 5 years of gruelling physical training and healthy dieting to attain a fitness model physique.

We travel far and wide across UK
We travel far and wide leaving a significent margin of safety to guarantee our arrival is perfectly on time. Popular locations include London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridge and Oxford.