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How to Plan the Perfect Hen Party

The Bride

Find out if your bride wants to take part in hen party plans and preparations or is open for surprises. Ask her what she loved or hated about her friend's hen parties. Is the theme wild, cultured or sophisticated? What items or activities are off limits? Confirm your guest list with the bride and all necessary contact details as early as possible so guest hens have a chance to avoid clashing dates or work commitments.

Hen Guest list, Date and Communication

Plan hen party activities that will suit the entire group and that doesn't isolate older generations. Consider there may be a diverse mix of people from different areas of the bride's life - some maybe wilder or more prudish than others. Send out correspondence to inform guests what they may need to bring. If it's a trip which requires special clothing for example a few weeks before the party.


Establish a budget that suits everyone, keep in mind some people may be on a tight budget and unable to afford lavish activities. Remember that getting everybody's payments together can be a nightmare so start planning early. Sometimes it can be hard to get exact guest numbers for a given activity so set a deadline. To save money on a hen party it can be a good idea to get more numbers to get the cost per head down, especially if it's a group activity like a hen party life drawing class.


Organise transport early on - book taxis or minibuses in advance to avoid being caught out while allowing a margin of safety with timings in between activities. include this in the budget early so that nobody has any horrible surprises. Have a backup plan.


Sequence activities so that people have enough time and energy to get ready or recover from!! A full itinerary can put people under pressure and cause delays if not properly thought through in advance.

Stuff you may need

Once established if the theme of the party is wild or sophisticated and approval has been met by the bride, think creatively with accessories and gifts apart from the usual shiny sash and L plates. Prepare decorations, supplies for games and goody bags. Have you ordered enough willy straws, willy cakes and blow up inflatable willies? Wrap the brides gift and write a fun note with it.


What activity fits in well with the whole group? Spa treatment, weekend retreat? Or perhaps add a male stripper show, hen party life drawing or butler in the buff to serve you all?