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What are the ingredients that make hen party life drawing
so amusing?

Other people's utterly different and occasionally hilarious interpretations in drawings, drawings that resemble creatures or animals they shouldn't, for example E.T. and stickmen pictures often gets giggles from the hen party group.

Exaggerated, 'imagined up' or story boarded drawings by people with vivid and wild imaginations. Some hens like to drastically exaggerate the proportions or add in fictitous action poses! Abstraction is also popular.

Willies are by default to some women funny things, even more so in the context of a real life surprise hen party celebration when mischievous girlfriends get together in the company of alcohol.

The spontaneity and context of it all makes it all the more funny - observing reactions and expressions on people's faces who weren't let in on the surprise - especially the bride to be. The bride often receives a few cheeky surprises by her girlfriends!

Jokes and plenty of puns made during the hen party life drawing lesson often popup.

Amusing and cheeky questions thrown out to the life model are always expected and happily answered during the session.

Funny pose requests sometimes popup which always put people in hysterics. Funny poses in the past involved press ups with a willing volunteer on the life model's back and the infamous David Brent absurd photo shoot pose from the UK TV series 'The Office'.

Posing for amusing photos makes for fun memories to share and take with you.

David Brent artistic pose