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Hen Party Life Drawing Class - Fun Poses

To spice up the hen party experience we'll guide you through a wide variety of hot poses the model will perform during the life drawing class. Starting with the easiest we'll slowly work up to the most intricate, followed by requests at the end.

To warm up we start with short rapid sketches to loosen up and gain confidence. This is often referred to as a gesture drawing or croquis... The first pose enables a quick warm up sketch with the model's shorts on, standing facing the hens with one leg slightly forward and hands placed on the hips.

For the second pose the model will be fully nude, but... with his back turned enabling you to focus attention on the contours of his derriere.

In pose three, the model will turn around slowly for a full frontal 'contrapposto' pose similar to Michelangelo's 'David' so you can focus on the sweeping lines and definition of his abs, torso and groin. He will also have some drapery flung over his shoulder.

The fourth pose is the infamous 'thinker' - a full frontal relaxed position sitting with legs apart and chin resting on his fist, as though he is deep in thought. Although it is the most difficult to draw you will get plenty of assistance from the tutor on how to get the proportions right.

With an interval the model will set about choosing the best drawing so the winner and loser will both have an opportunity to sit either side of the model for the next pose. In this pose the model will take a relaxed reclining position on the chair with the girls sitting on either side.

In the next pose we share a book of different poses which you can choose from including an array of; recline, prone position, sitting and standing poses. If you would like to contribute ideas at the party you can peruse 'renaissance art' and you'll discover endless exciting pose possibilities.

We also ask you to choose your favourite body section (!) - so you can focus in on drawing a large representation of this area or individual feature.

See life model poses for a repertoire of pose ideas.