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The Art of Life Modelling at Hen Parties

What are the key skills of a life model at hen parties?

Given the nature of hen parties is to have fun, being able to banter and humour the group is a prerequisite while life modelling at hen parties, whilst also holding composure for poses. For hen party life drawing classes it's not about posing in silence, as a level of entertainment, positive energy, wit and social interaction is expected while celebrating. The focus is on the fun elements rather than drawing seriously.

Few individuals feel at ease while posing nude in front of large groups of clothed people scrutinizing every inch of your body so a very high degree of psychological and bodily confidence is required to model. A male life model should not be intimidated easily. A high degree of patience and stamina is required while holding specific poses very still for extended periods of time. A life model must also be able to hold composure when pain and discomfort set in for awkward action gestures and poses. Even the facial expression must remain the same.

A skilled life model should have a repertoire of interesting poses to model on demand for figurative artists and beginners at hen parties, including wild dynamic gestures and poses with props. They should be able to adapt quickly for striking action poses so artists can capture the essence of movement and also be able to hold perfectly still for longer poses as well as short simple ones. Life modelling with shorter poses is often compared to performance art with a certain amount of theatre involved!

Certain prerequisites exist for a life model to perform in a hen party life drawing class:

- Flexible/ fit/ well-defined physique to draw
- Creative repertoire of varied poses/ act as a muse to artists
- Sense of humour
- Confidence modelling for large groups
- Stamina for hard gesture poses
- High pain threshold for awkward action poses
- A reputation for competence and reliability, since everyone in the group depends on the life model.

What is it like to be a life model at hen parties?

Life modelling can be an enriching experience and of course you encounter many exciting and glamorous locations and eccentric people from all walks of life at hen parties. Life modelling in beautiful private stately homes in the countryside and upmarket penthouses in London for hen parties is common. Weather permitting; life drawing classes can sometimes be conducted outdoors in a garden setting (plien air drawing) surrounded by nature to elevate the whole experience!

Every hen party tends to be drastically different with a varied mix of characters – some tamer/ wilder than others. On some occasions the group suggest the bride to tastefully pose next to the life model for a final pose or any individual who has to perform a forfeit as part of a hen party game.

During intervals the male life model is expected to interact with the group and entertain everyone by offering his reactions and critique what has been drawn. The life model cannot be offended by the average hen group beginner’s efforts… which can sometimes end up resembling an E.T. or stickman! However, many individuals who have never drawn before do surprise themselves by their natural artistic abilities. Many attendees comment on how relaxing and therapeutic the whole experience has been. Some attendees have even spoke of taking up life drawing as a hobby after having participated at an Interact Events life drawing class.