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Hen party game ideas to make you cry with laughter

Hen party games are the perfect way to bond and break the ice if girls within a large group have never met before.

Don't say a word

Choose three or four keywords which are forbidden throughout the night. If any one of them is mentioned by any of the hens, an embarrassing forfeit must be performed in front of the group. For example if you have already hired a butler in the buff or life model, she could act out an embarrassing Kama sutra position.

Mr & Mrs game

Get the bridesmaids to record the grooms answers to intimate 'favourite' questions on a dictaphone. Ask the bride the questions and play back clips of the groom answers. A real testament of how well you know your own husband or wife to be... Popular themes include 'favourites', the wedding day, food and drink, childhood and habits.

First kiss game

Start with the bride and ask her to describe her first kiss with the groom: when it happened, where it happened ... all the details. Go around the circle and ask each participant to describe her first kiss with their husband / boyfriend. The best, most original or funniest story wins a drink.

Card games

You can buy card games specifically designed for hen parties in party/ fancy dress shops. Dare cards are popular.

Board games

Board games for hen parties often tend to be themed around willies as do most other hen party accessories. One in particular pokes fun at the various shapes and sizes of willies.


Have a sequence of surprises lined up for the bride for example a butler in the buff who walks in the room semi naked carrying a cake or bunch of flowers. Why not surprise the hen or birthday girl with a kissagram who resembles her favourite crush or celebrity to hand deliver a special gift with message?